ClipStone Classic

Finally, there is a no mortar no mess, easy-to-install stone veneer. It’s simple and it’s beautiful. ClipStone gives your home that elegance and charm you’ve always wanted, but didn’t want the hassle and mess.

ClipStone Classic

If you can put a screw into a wall, you can install ClipStone. It’s that easy.

Choose from the Ledgestone or ProStack style in a color that is sure to add warmth and beauty to your home, or even mix and match styles to create your own custom look.

Ledgestone Styles

ProStack Styles

It's That Easy

Ease and speed of installation is what contractors, remodelers and experienced DIYers enjoy most about ClipStone. With simple common tools, you can add any amount of ClipStone to your wall to turn it into a professionally completed project. ClipStone is perfect for exterior or interior installation and can be installed in any weather conditions.